21–22 May 2022

Health and Safety

We take your safety, and the safety of our artists and staff, seriously. This information is current based on advice as of Wednesday, 31 March 2021.

We ask that patrons please be respectful of the extraordinary circumstances under which the 2021 Coriole Music Festival will operate, and act appropriately should your personal circumstances change.

The 2021 Coriole Music Festival will operate under a SA Government Approved COVID-Safe plan. This includes:

  • QR code my.sa.gov.au check-in (or completion of the contact tracing log) will be mandatory for every attendee
  • 3 persons per 4 square metres, with appropriate spaced seating
  • extra hand washing and sanitisation stations
  • socially distanced seating at the food events and
  • the food events will not have communal food, everything will be individually plated

You can read more about the SA Government Health and Safety Advice regarding attending events at https://www.covid-19.sa.gov.au

If you are unwell or any of your party is experiencing even mild symptoms of cold or flu, we request that you cancel your attendance. Your tickets will be refunded, without question.

Further suggestions include:

  • Using and carrying on your person personal protection aides such as hand sanitiser. We encourage the wearing of masks, if you feel inclined (or if the rules change, and are required).
  • Staying in your allocated seats, and not moving the chairs or changing spacing.
  • Avoiding close contact with other people not in your party, including touching each other, kissing, shaking hands and hugging.

Please do get in Contact with us, should you have any questions or concerns.