18–19 May 2024

Concert 1 - Roaring Twenties

Saturday 22 May 2021 at 11am

We begin with a program that speaks to the vibrancy and eclecticism of the 1920s. The influence of jazz is felt in Milhaud’s The Creation of the World, and in the ‘blues’ movement of Ravel’s beguiling violin sonata. Anne Cawrse’s song cycle, Flame and Shadow, is inspired by Sara Teasdale’s poignant poetry collection of 1920, while Cantaloube’s evocative and colourful Chants d’Auvergne draw on folk music. 

La création du monde Op. 81b (1923)
Andrew Haveron (violin), Helen Ayres (violin), Tobias Breider (viola), Umberto Clerici (cello),  Lucinda Collins (piano)

Flame and Shadow (2019)
Lorina Gore (soprano), Helen Ayres (violin), Lloyd van’t Hoff (clarinet), Konstantin Shamray (piano)

Violin Sonata No. 2 (1927)
Andrew Haveron (violin), Anna Goldsworthy (piano)

~ Interval ~

String Trio No. 1, H 136 (1923)
Andrew Haveron (violin), Tobias Breider (viola), Umberto Clerici (cello)

Songs from the Auvergne (1924)
Lorina Gore (soprano), Lloyd van’t Hoff (clarinet), Celia Craig (oboe), Lucinda Collins (piano)